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Frequently Asked Question

  • Is it possible to get my results by mail or over the phone?

    It depends on your Specialist, it is their choice how they would like. Some results may be delivered via mails and some may require direct patient presence .

  • Can I call directly to make an appointment?

    Yes, sure. You can make appointments via online, via Phone or even Emails too. But just make sure you have confirmed the appointments.

  • Missing Appointments

    What will happen if I miss my appointment with the Specialist? Well, specialists utilise that time for another patient and may charge for that missing appointment.

  • Do you give phone advice?

    To ensure best health advice, we always recommend physical attendance of the patient.

  • Can I make appointments by phone?

    Yes, you can make an appointment by Phone by dialling 222-222-2222.

  • Do I need to bring anything on appointment?

    It would be preferable if you brought your current pair of glasses or contacts.

  • How frequently my family have eyes examined?

    Children and infants should have their eyes examined. Adults ought to undergo yearly eye exams.


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