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Modern Equipment

Modern Equipment for Eye care

We use modern equipments for best quality checkup and prescription with the highest accuracy. To achieve the highest quality several updated and modern equipment are used like automated phoropter, Digital retinal imaging, 3D Optical Coherence Tomography, AutoRefractor / Keratometer, Visual Field Testing, ICare Tonometer and many others. We hope that our equipment is enough to facilitate all your eye care needs with confidence.

Another tool used most commonly, ophthalmoscope can be named which is used in eye care facilities to examine the retina and other internal structures of the eye. To measure cornea's steepness or flatness, a Keratometer is a must to identify astigmatism, keratoconus, corneal distortion, and scarring. Another most common tool used is autorefractor. Autorefractor measures refractive error and can be used to prescribe glasses or contact lenses.

Automated Phoropter

During the examination, a patient's refractive error and prescription for glasses are determined using the phoropter. When determining the patient's eyeglass prescription, different powered lenses are placed in front of their eyes, and choices are made by comparing between two sets of lenses.

The automated phoropter has several advantages over the traditional phoropter, including the ability to directly transmit results to an electronic medical record reducing risk of human error.

VT 1 Vision Screener

Optometrists use the high-performance computerised VT 1 Vision Screener to rapidly diagnose and pinpoint serious visual issues. It is portable, lightweight, and easy to use. It does not necessitate dilation of the pupils and screens for a wide range of eye diseases. A vision screener is used to detect visual issues in people of all ages, even infants as young as six months old. In the fields of vision and health, these resources serve as stepping stones.

This eye-testing equipment is available to doctors and other healthcare professionals, enabling them to provide patients with the proper care they deserve.

We Modernise Your Experience With Eye Care

In each of our four locations, Our Vision Specialists takes pride in providing patients with the most advanced, modern technology available in the eye care sector. Modern eye care is our guiding principle, and technological advancements make this possible right away.

  • We are confident that your experience will be thorough and effective
  • We offer the most cutting edge
  • Better Communication


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