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We had a really relaxing and easy experience. Dr. Vignes guided us through the entire procedure and provided us the confidence to have the operation with a positive outcome. He is very kind, pleasant, and patient.

Sharon Scarlet


Very polite, understanding, and helpful staff. attentive to the requirements of the patient. Despite any potential problems, the admissions team is incredibly composed, cordial, and courteous. I would put a 5 star for them.

Rachel McAdams

Freelance job

We had a very promising experience at the hospital. I would like to extend my special thanks to Roxi (assistant manager) at the hospital, she was very courteous and helpful throughout our stay at the hospital.

Miler Kurtis

Lasik Treatment Patient

During my stay in the hospital during 01.10.20 and 02.10.20, I was completely satisfied with the services of the staff, Doctors and other members including the security guards. Credit goes to Dr. James Henry who is a very capable, humble and dedicated healer.

Harrison Odoyo

Presbyopia Patient

My nephew was admitted here from 05-8th. Doctor Richard visited patients twice or even thrice everyday to keep a tab on the status.Nursing staff was right on dot on job. They kept tracking status regularly, kept calming my nephew all the time.

Jhon Haris

General patient

The hospital's admissions staff is its best feature on my peronal option. I found admissions staff Monica Scarlet is a really kind and helpful person there. She is always willing to assist patients on the hospital on their needs with smille.

Rachel McAdams

General patient


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