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Contact Lens

Contact Lens

It is not a wonder that you may be a new user of contact lenses, you have never worn contact lenses before, don't have any idea about this. Our affordable Fee for the contact lens fitting fees will teach you how to insert and remove these lenses to make sure that you do a healthy fit initially with care. And later on the follow-up visits you will understand easily if any trial contact lenses needed or you may need a contact lens care kit too.

If you are already a contact lens user, Our experts are available to help you on diagnosing the current state of your Eyes with the best quality test/chackups and reports around the City. You can also bring your old prescription or the contact lens boxes with you to have suggestions with them. Eye specialists will guide you if you need any further changes or if there are any better solutions available. Though if you are okay with your current lenses our recommendation is for you to have regular checkups over time.

Contact Lens Exam

Typically, eye doctors will examine your contact lenses after you've worn them for a few hours to determine how well they fit. Most contacts feel and look great when they are first put in, but after a few hours of wearing them, some people may find them uncomfortable, which seems to be a very different situation. As a result, based on our experience, we frequently advise clients to follow up on their contact lenses because doing so is crucial for their eye health and safety.

The fit of contact lenses is normally assessed by eye doctors after a few hours of wear. Most contacts look and feel great right away, but some people may find them uncomfortable after a few hours of wearing them. This is the typical situation. As a result, and based on our knowledge, we frequently advise clients to check on their lenses because doing so is essential for both eye safety and general health.

Other Exams

The examination known as keratometry, also known as corneal topography, measures the cornea's curvature by concentrating light and measuring the reflection to establish the ideal fit. A contact lens examination also measures the iris and pupil to ensure that the contacts fit the eye and appear more natural. Long-term contact wearers are more likely to experience dry eyes because contacts cover a portion of the eye, reducing the amount of oxygen and moisture in the cornea.

Dry eyes can harm the surface of the eye if these issues are not addressed. Redness, swelling, burning, and scratchiness in the eyes are signs of dry eyes.

Our Lense based Services

As a qualified eye care provider, we ensure our clients get the best quality healthcare services with a helpful attitude. When we deliver Eye care related products or services, we provide clear and detailed instruction with free trial help with experts.

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