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Archive for September 20th, 2021

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  • September 20, 2021

Keeping Your Dog Normal in Winter

Winter is here, and in addition to making sure your dog has enough water in their dish and shielding their paw pads from the cold, a dog’s thermoneutral zone should be taken into account to keep your family pets healthy and happy during the colder months. If the air temperature is higher than the temperature […]

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  • September 20, 2021

Poopet have teamed to expand services

Poopet will be added to new areas by Carepress in the next months, based on client feedback and proven success. Thanks to an expanded connection between Carepress and poopet Pet Care, an increasing number of pet owners will soon be able to contact their favorite fur babies, have a two-way video chat, administer treats and […]

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  • September 20, 2021

What Kind of Training Should You Give?

You will learn just as much as your puppy in a good puppy training class. You recognize that your four-legged companion is a one-of-a-kind individual. Based on breed, background, and a variety of other characteristics, each dog has its own distinct personality. Because each dog has unique requirements, you should not assume that any form […]

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