Shopify, One of the Best CRM

  • More than 44 million customers made their purchase on Shopify in the year of 2020.
  • Shopify's website had about 58 million visits in the year  2020.
  • More than 7,000 business owners use Shopify Plus service.

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That was the small portion of statistics about Shopify CRM and we assist lots of users to run their shop continuously without any issue. Shopify is a great platform to run Ecommerce business and not very hard to startup, but in the long run, you may need various assistance from experts to maintain professionally. We can create a brand-new Shopify store for you, migrate an older one, customize an existing one, add plug-ins, add analytics, catalog your stock, fix significant faults and more like:

  • Account creation and setting
  • Creating and designing fresh themes
  • Adapting current themes
  • Integrating with third-party services and apps
  • Creating unique themes and apps
  • Improving download times
  • Keeping inventory catalogs current
  • Moving from other platforms
  • Using Facebook and Google analytics
  • Resolving serious bugs and backend problems
  • Optimizing the sales funnel
  • Email marketing processes
  • Design and integration of social media
  • Design and management of Facebook ads
  • Management and design of Google AdWords
  • Google basic SEO and keyword planning