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Frequently Asked Question


Frequently Asked

  • Support in environmental enrichment programs

    Our team helps with environmental enrichment by altering an animal's habitat in captivity in order to enhance the animal's quality of life.

  • Assisting the animals with the veterinarian

    Our team consists of veterinary doctors for the care and cleaning, treatments, surgery and all other animal care functions.

  • Construction of natural structures for animals

    As the human kind is destroying wild animals' living places, their lives are at risk. Our team helps in constructing the natural structures for animals.

  • Who started this Organization?

    This charity project was started by a group of donors who wanted to accomplish as much good as possible with their donations

  • Why should I donate here?

    Your gift, donations, other supports will help us deliver critical aid to children and families around the world during emergencies

  • Who do I contact for Question or Donation?

    Please contact us at our Support Center email at mail@mail.org or 1-500-600-7000, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (EST).

  • Can I donate if I live outside the United States?

    Yes, sure you can, but remember that we can accept donations in U.S. dollars only. All the donations will be converted to USD

  • How can I volunteer in your Organisation?

    Your help is always welcome, you can help us in various ways like educating children, advocating for them, and fundraising for the organisation.

  • What kinds of charities do you recommend?

    We recommend charities that work globally. Charities are distributed for helpless peoples food, shelter, children education and more.

  • How do I make a wire transfer?

    You can transfer your funds to us via wire transfer too, Please contact Mr. Keplar at 444.999.3333.


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    Trusthand supports the growth of vulnerable Women and Children who are deprived of thier Education, Food, and other necessities.
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