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About Trusthand

Our Mission Is to
Change The World

We always believe in the 3 valuable Statements that can change the world. They are: Vision, Mission and Values. We always use and follow them to guide our organisation’s work, so that we don’t miss the simplest and most effective governance tools.

Thousands of People around the World joins our programs to support our programs as they helps for better future and stability not for only our society but for the Globe too.


Our Popular Causes

Protect Animals
from Poachers in Africa

Join our Wildlife saving programs to save animals from poaching specially from African region.


Stop the
Illegal Sale of Wild Meat

Though unbelievable, it is thought that 180,000 pounds are smuggled into the country every year


Protect remaining
Rhinos from Poachers

At least 340 million are hungry because of the lack of proper vitamin and mineral deficiencies.


We Believe that We can Save
More Lifes with You

Protection Wild Elephant

Help us to stop illegal Elephant killing, protecting elephant habitat, monitoring elephant numbers.

Protect To Biodiversity

Join & support Biodiversity conservation programs, to preserve variety of species, habitats, ecosystems.

Stop Illegal Wildlife Trade

One of the most crucial and urgent aspects of our mission to conserve wildlife from illegal wildlife trade.

Help to Homeless Wildlife

Help us on our programs for helping Homeless Wildlife. If you can’t help financially, you can become a volunteer.


Our Mission Is to
Change The World

  • Support in environmental enrichment programs

    Our team helps on environmental enrichment which refers to altering an animal's habitat in captivity in order to enhance the animal's quality of life.

  • Assisting the animals with the veterinarian

    Our team consists of veterinary doctors for the care and cleaning, treatments, surgery and all other animal care functions.

  • Construction of natural structures for animals

    As the human kind is destroying wild animals' living places, their lives are at risk. Our team helps in constructing the natural structures for animals.

Change The World

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Million People


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Our Projects could not be successful without those kind hearted People around the Globe...

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How to Handle Unexpected Situations

Things you should keep in mind: ...

Promoting for The Rights of Children

The United Nations Convention on the ...

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Save Wildlife


Trusthand supports the growth of vulnerable Women and Children who are deprived of thier Education, Food, and other necessities.
By becoming Donator or Volunteer be the World Changer.


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