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The goal of global education research is to create and comprehend globally effective educational interventions.

Safe Water

Huge amount of population is deprived of freshwater in Africa and we are working on the projects for fresh water

Healthy Food

The development of any nations children are all threatened by malnutrition problems which is found round the globe.

Medical Care

Contribute in medical care for poor Children, women over the African region by joining our Charity Projects.

Rescue Activity

Join the rescue team for several rescue activities like - Child rescue from trafficking, Women rescued from trafficking.

Cloth Distribute

Your little donation can help us on our Cloth distribution projects among the homeless and helpless peoples around the country.

Receive Donations

We can receive donations on various platforms and gateways. Direct wire transfer, paypal transfer, skrill transfer is possible.


If you are interested and have the ability to adopt a poor child, we may help you with the adoption process.

Become a Volunteer and
Save Poor People


Trusthand supports the growth of vulnerable Women and Children who are deprived of thier Education, Food, and other necessities.
By becoming Donator or Volunteer be the World Changer.


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