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Leslie Alexander


I have been attached to Trusthand since the last two years as a volunteer member and was lucky to have participated in numerous charity programs. To tell the truth, it was a fascinating experience every time I participated in any program.

How did I Attached

When my dad worked at the Boys and Girls Club over three years ago, I volunteered there for the summer camp program. I really enjoyed it, so I was asked to return for the next two summers as a paid staff member. I’ve discovered that exerting effort even when no reward is anticipated can occasionally show grownups and your community that you are devoted and deserving of jobs and adventures. I exhort and urge others to make an effort to give back. Blood donation is an option. 

You might offer your services as a volunteer in a soup kitchen, hospital, nursing home, etc. The high school’s PTSA is an option for you to join. There are countless locations that require assistance. For the Ronald McDonald House, I coordinated a pop can collection drive.

Why are you not trying?

You should join a club or organisation that performs community service, in my opinion. Join a service club or Students Against Destructive Decisions, for instance. Call the charity you wish to volunteer with and find out what they need assistance with. It would be more enjoyable if you involved your buddies..



Medical Help


Poor Education


Take a step

All you need is, you just need a step to go ahead. For me, it’s empowering to know that I can make a difference and that my generation is in charge of something. Volunteering benefits both the community and you personally in significant ways. It has helped me find employment, with college applications, and with choosing a career. I want to work for an organisation similar to Upstate New York Transplant Services, which I have partnered with through SADD club for three years, or manage fundraising events for a hospital. 

In so many people’s lives, we can all have an impact. Even if you feel like you aren’t doing much, even a little can make a big difference.

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Trusthand supports the growth of vulnerable Women and Children who are deprived of thier Education, Food, and other necessities.
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